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A Message To You From New York City’s Top Restaurant Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Company

To the New York City restaurant owner…

Hi, I’m the owner of New York Hood Cleaning and also an entrepreneur, father, and husband.

I happen to be the best hood cleaning pro having completed thousands of restaurant hood cleanings, as well as modifications and full rebuilds of exhaust systems.

You might own or operate a bar, restaurant, or kitchen. Whatever you work in, we have the best deal for you. We’ve won industry awards, been featured on the news as well as have a perfect BBB score.

Not only that, we have the testimonials to prove we are who we say we are. Now enough talking about us, let’s move the conversation towards what we can offer you.

I bet you have a commercial kitchen with an exhaust hood that needs something checked on it, right?

Or maybe, you’re near due for an inspection and you need to pass. You can also be in great shape already but you’re tired of your old maintenance guy.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, you need a restaurant hood cleaning company that can help you and especially…

  • Not overcharge you
  • Hide some fees in your bill
  • Simply not show up
  • Be tough to get a hold of
  • Do a completely horrible job

All you want is a clean restaurant and a new looking restaurant exhaust hood system, but we also need it to be fully operational as well as fresh for your next inspection.

Now, do you like what I’ve been saying lately?

If yes, then you’ll want the best hood cleaning experts in New York… We treat our clients fairly, are easy to work with, and treat every job we get as if it is our own.

Now, get that phone out and call because we’ll be ready to talk to you about what we can do for you.

We’re at (555) 555-5555. You’ll talk to our specialist who will guide you in the right direction on what to do next.

And here’s what you’ll get for FREE…

  • A thorough and detailed consultation at your location
  • A warranty for your hood cleaning job with us
  • Best maintenance plan in all of New York

We’re very excited when you become a client of ours because we’ll show you why we’re the #1 hood cleaning business in New York

Make sure to take a look at our past Hood Cleaning Work

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I’ve done every job in my business from a one-man business to a team leader for another business. I know the ins and outs of every situation you’ll have when it comes to cleaning your hood and I know the things to watch out for. Once I started my own restaurant hood cleaning business, I knew what I needed to do to differentiate myself from my competitors that they lacked. I started taking more pride than my competitors while I was doing a job. I’m proud to be serving all of New York.

Common Questions Asked About Our Hood Cleaning Business:

What are all of your services?

Well, hood cleaning is obviously our primary service but we do much more than that. Ever had a mess in your parking lot or had any sidewalks looking like they need a nice wash? Well, you’re in luck because we pressure wash floors, steam wash floors or anything you’d like, and clean up loading docks. Our team leaders are instructed to find things that we know have been issues in the past or area that should be cleaned for safety purposes or places that inspectors love to examine.

Our main area of expertise is conducting full kitchen hood exhaust system cleanups. We clean from your roof all the way down to the stovetop where grease loves to stick to.

Where cities do we operate in?

We serve New York City and all the sub-cities including Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, you name it, we’re there!

What type of restaurants do you work with?

Great question! We work with them all, but fast food restaurants are probably the most requested because of the frying oil they use. We work with any restaurant, kitchen, bar, etc.

What’s the cost look like?

Well, every kitchen and restaurant has a different size, different unit, and system that we take into account when we do a cleaning job. We charge hourly and we’re very fast and efficient. We want to keep your costs low, but we certainly aren’t the cheapest in the city. We’re definitely not the most expensive either, so don’t get scared. We need to conduct a walk-through in your facility to give you a detailed outline of what needs to be done. Our free walk-throughs give us and you the most accurate quote, so call us to tell us more about your business.

Is there any type of guarantee or warranty in place?

Yes. Our guarantee is that you’ll fall in love with your cleaned kitchen and we also guarantee that your inspector will love it too and give you a perfect score. If there is anything wrong with your exhaust system, we’ll fix it and clean it for you so you can be prepared for your next inspection.

What do I do next?

Next, you’ll give us a call at (844) 863-4663. We also have a form you can fill out in case you can’t take a call right now.

Thanks for reading, now let’s get in touch and let us help you.

P.S. We are available 24/7 so feel free to contact us anytime. Our hardworking team can handle any situation in NYC. If you need an emergency cleaning for your commercial kitchen, kitchen exhaust hood, then we;’d love to help. We won’t let you down!

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