Richmond Hood Cleaning Team Reviews Three Japanese Restaurants in Richmond, Virginia

Kabuto Japanese House of Steaks serves traditional Japanese cooking and sushi cuisine in Richmond, Virginia. It is a spacious Japanese restaurant that is conveniently located at the Interstate 64 & North Parham Road intersection. Hibachi chefs put the teppan-yaki cooking on an exciting show and prepare your dinner right in front of you. They have a big, comfortable bar area with televisions and a giant aquarium with their signature. They are located at 8052 W Broad St, in Richmond, Virginia.

From their fresh sushi to their unique hibachi style of cooking, each meal is tailored to your particular tastes, allowing them to provide a wonderful evening of dining for those with food allergies. They never use peanut oil or MSG in preparing foods. Kabuto has several private dining areas and can cater for groups of between 20 and 100 people. They also serve udon customers. They have over five hundred reviews with four-point-seven star reviews.

Akida Japanese Restaurant has wooden tables & a modest bar fill out this traditional Japanese restaurant known for its sushi. The restaurant is small and intimate, and it can accommodate a large family sitting. The feel of the restaurant matches the loveliness and authenticity of its cuisine and makes you want to try more dishes. They are located at 606 N Sheppard St, in Richmond, Virginia.

The bento boxes are a great option for lunch. Akida Japanese Restaurant has dozens of specialty and unique rolls, as well as nigiri and sashimi. Sipping soothing green tea served in earthenware cups. Their dinner special is the best; you get two starters, a regular roll, and a special role for around $18. They have over three hundred reviews with four-point-seven star reviews.

Sumo San Restaurant is a casual Japanese eatery with a sushi bar, cocktails & sake plus quirky decorations on the walls. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. Sumo San is a casual Japanese restaurant with a decent amount of vegan options. The owners and staff are friendly with the customers. They are located at 1725 E Main St, in Richmond, Virginia.

The service is also excellent, and the waitress is very friendly and attentive. Yellowtail Sashimi is very fresh, and the chef made an outstanding sauce for dipping it in. Try the spicy kinoko and their Basil entree for a delicious appetizer and dinner. Sumo Specialties include Double Ginger, Cherry Blossom, Gari Cosmo, Cucumber Saketini, Wonder Juice & Sapphire Martini. They have over two hundred reviews with four-point-seven star reviews.

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