Exhaust Hood Cleaning
New York City

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning
New York City

Is your restaurant in need of a good exhaust hood cleaning? You’ll want to consider an exhaust hood cleaning company that has a record of cleaning more kitchens and exhaust hoods than any other business in New York City!

Why might I say that? Well because our team crew over at New York Hood Cleaning is the best possible choice to get all of your issues handled in one try. With our high demands that we have for our team and our incredible leadership we instill into our cleaning crew, we make sure every kitchen is treated as if it were our own. Our team members do a thorough job with attention to detail in your exhaust hood cleaning. We know every step and follow through to make sure your kitchen is the cleanest on your block. Our work will pass any inspector’s strict guidelines.

Not only that, we clean entire kitchens including restaurant equipment so it’s as if you just opened your restaurant all over again. We maintain your filters with our state of the art filter replacement program. We keep your kitchen free of grease with our grease containment systems and do our best to maintain your fire prevention systems.

We like to keep ourselves busy during all times of the year and with a lot of our clients that do a lot of deep frying, we definitely keep our schedule booked. They need frequent visits for exhaust hood cleaning, but they love to have prescheduling done for them. There is never a worry about a kitchen being left grimy and dirty again with us. If you’re in any of the sub-cities of NewYork City such as Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, etc., then feel free to reach out. We serve basically everywhere in New York City, so contact us if you feel unsure of the distance of your location.

If you’re tired of reading and ready to start working together, then we’ll be ready for your call. Pick up the phone and dial our number and tell us everything about your business, we’re dying to know more about our clients so we can best serve you. Call us now to get scheduled for your walk-through and we’ll set an appointment at the best time for you.

NEW YORK HOOD CLEANING proudly serves all of the New York City area for exhaust hood cleaning and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

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