Hood Filters Service in New York City

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Hood Filters Service in New York City

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods require hood filters and are important despite what others might tell you. They’re primarily used to remove the grease from the vapors in high-temperature cooking or frying from reaching the dust in exhaust hoods. They must be properly maintained and not be neglected if you want to prevent grease fires in your restaurant.

Cleaning Hood Filters

When we clean hood filters, we want them washed every day to have them ridden of grease and to not let their filtering capability worsen. Having a high-temperature dishwasher is a safe choice for washing your grease baffle filter or hood filter unless they are aluminum. Aluminum is not a strong metal and can easily get damaged by exposure to high temperature. Chemicals that are used in these same commercial dishwashers also cause aluminum to corrode, so we want to be careful with those as well.

Replacing Your Hood Filters

Now it is also important to periodically examine your hood filters throughout your restaurant or kitchen for dents and corrosion. If you see any dents or oxidization on the metal, it’s better that you replace them. New York Hood Cleaning has these hood filters for your exhaust hood system in stock and as our client, you’ll get preference and lower cost on them over others. We do everything from measuring, delivering, and installation of your hood filter. We sell stainless steel filters since they have worked the best against chemicals and high temperature as well as at a low cost to you.

New York Hood Cleaning has hood filters for most manufacturers and brands available. If you’re in a need for a new hood filter, we’d love to inspect your system to give you the best choice right away and install them for you. Our team of experienced professionals have seen every type of system in all of New York City and can gladly help you. We’ll also train members of your staff to keep an eye on it for in the future if you need another replacement. Help us reach our goal of making sure that restaurant owners are proud of their efficient exhaust hood system.

Our area that we serve is basically all of New York City including all of the sub-cities. If you feel like your area is out of our service zone, we’d be happy to get on a short call to answer your questions and concerns. We’ll let you know what we can do to help. We really look forward to obtaining new clients and working with you. We strive to give great service to as many restaurant and commercial kitchen owners of NYC. Let’s get on a call today!

NEW YORK HOOD CLEANING proudly serves all of the New York Metro area for hood filters services and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

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