Restaurant Cleaning Services New York City

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Restaurant Cleaning Services New York

Restaurant Cleaning Services New York City

New York Hood Cleaning is a premier commercial restaurant cleaning company serving New York City for over 10 years. Our client base comes from all types of kitchens, restaurants, and eateries. We’re located in the heart of NewYork City and love serving our residents and neighbors of all sub-cities. We do floor, restaurant, and carpet cleaning, but include many other services for our clients in NYC.

Our type of work we do consists of bar, nightclub, and restaurant cleaning throughout your entire building. We can also gladly clean your outside image including sidewalks, building exteriors, and roof cleaning. Hood cleaning is our specialty, but we found out that we also needed to do much more to make your facility look more presentable. Aside from hood cleaning, we also do floor stripping, carpet cleaning, window, and ceiling steaming. If you have construction cleanup, we can also clean the area and haul off your rubbish. You’ll have the best looking restaurant building on your block.

The most difficult businesses to clean are restaurants because the high amounts of grease and oily residue left over time after time from cooking. Carbon and grime stain your equipment and leaves you with a kitchen that might fail an inspection down the road. In order to have your kitchen looking great, our workers need to take apart your equipment and appliances and hand clean every inch to rid everything of leftover grease. Our teams come with highly trained and experienced workers with customized systems that have been proven to work. We’ll educate your staff on best practices for keeping everything clean year round and on what products to use. We’ll be happy and we know you’ll be happy to work with us.

Hood cleaning is our most requested service and is our primary service for restaurants. We also clean the sidewalks for businesses we work with because it has been requested frequently. It’ll definitely improve your company’s image and have more customers happy to visit your restaurant. Cleaning is extremely important to not only us but for your overall safety and the health for your dining guests. Our cleaning crew keeps this in mind. We are not your average cleaning service with lazy staff workers, we built ourselves from the ground up with determination to be the best in town and we’re confident that we are now. When our company started as a hood cleaning company, business owners were delighted to have us work with them and we love to push our limits to serve more clients.

Now, if you’re in need of a great looking kitchen already, let’s find a way where we can finally work together. Call New York Hood Cleaning so you can see our amazing services and our professional cleaning crew members give you the best cleaning service you’ve ever had.

Call anytime you’d like, 24/7 and one of our hood cleaning specialists will talk to you about we can help.

In NYC, NEW YORK HOOD CLEANING is the top restaurant cleaning services company and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

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